The health sensor revolution

The use of sensors to monitor, adapt, diagnose, gamify, and improve health is exploding. We have been empowered to quantify — and take control of — our selves. Lifestyle and medical devices are increasingly similar as sensors become better and cheaper, and signal processing becomes more sophisticated. The result is highly accurate monitoring, diagnostics, and treatment. Consumers continue to hear about brainwave headbands , heartbeat detecting watches, sleep monitoring gadgets, measuring babies’ vital signs, helping seniors age in place, and correcting posture, mood, and eating habits, through technology. This intersection of science + technology + digital health is the focus of Wearable Tech + Digital Health SF 2016, which will take place on April 5, 2016 and be immediately followed by NeuroTech SF 2016, on April 6th. Join us at the Mission Bay Conference Center to discuss innovations in brain technology, wearables, and monitoring the lungs, heart, diabetes, sleep, seniors, babies, and fitness. Brought to you by ApplySci, curators of the Wearable Tech + Digital Health NYC conference and the ApplySci discoveries blog.

Photo: Intel Concept by Collier Schorr